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Mom Power

by / Thursday, 26 February 2015 / Published in Life Balance, Life Changes, Stress Reduction, Uncategorized

I have an MBA. I speak three languages. I’ve travelled extensively and have lived abroad in Brazil, France, Begium and the UK. I ran a major department in a Canadian multinational technology company. I’d help build, launch, market and sell a startup .com. I considered myself highly capable. So when I my husband and I finally decided to start a family I approached the prospect of new motherhood with confidence and excitement. And my newborn boy was beautiful, healthy and happy – a true joy. He woke up every day with a smile on his face, eager to engage with the world.

But as time progressed, the middle of night feedings, diaper changes and non-stop activity of the days wore me right down. Pretty soon I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and started losing even more as this growing boy seemed constantly hungry. I found it difficult to find time to sit down for a full meal. Many days I’d look at the clock and be stunned to find it was 4 pm – and i still had not showered. Yet it was time to begin making dinner.

Soon I had to admit that my bundle of joy was the most challenging assignment of my life. You know what helped? Other moms I met at my local Moms’ Group. Thank goodness for their humor, their words of wisdom and sanity tips. With my boy in his new baby Bjorn sling I began managing laundry, cooking dinner and doing the grocery shopping. I napped when he napped. Hell, when I took a bath, he took one too!

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