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How to be Bored – Craving Contrast

by / Monday, 23 January 2017 / Published in Uncategorized

how-to-be-boredThe other day my teenage Son asked me if I ever got lonely on the weekends when he and his sister were with their Dad, out of town at a cabin southeast of Dallas. I felt a a bit sheepish admitting, although only to my inner self, that I looked forward to that time to accomplish projects that “nourished my soul”, as corny as that sounds. In fact, I believe that the time I spend on gardening, walking, painting, cooking, listening to music, etc., creates a healthy contrast to the work I do during the week, either working in or on my small business. Given this, I was especially interested to hear an interview of author Eva Hoffman talking about her new book entitled “How to be Bored“. She argues that purposefully setting aside time for “unplugged idleness” helps us to replenish our inner resources. And when we take time to do this, we recover a sense of balance and purpose so that we can then go out again into a world of uninterrupted activity and competing demands for our attention and time. I marveled when she observed that even Winston Churchill set aside time to paint in the midst of during WWII.  It helped him to think about the progress of the war prior to heading back into the Cabinet War Room. In fact Churchill painted over 500 paintings in his lifetime.

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