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Sarah Saunders of New Leaf was energetic, helpful, efficient and kind in helping me plan and execute a last minute in-town move. She assisted me with breaking down an overwhelming burden into manageable tasks. She helped me declutter my house, determine what items to eliminate, identify needed purchases, organize and pack my belongings into well-marked boxes, transport them to the new residence and arrange them in a way that facilitated unpacking and a smooth set-up of my new home. Sarah definitely decreased my stress and helped me keep an upbeat attitude about what seemed like a huge job.


I am very pleased to endorse New Leaf. I have known Sarah for a number of years. During this time I have found her to be a lady of integrity and compassion in both her personal and professional lives. Her work is very client driven. She is skilled in assessing her clients’ needs and innovative in assisting in their fulfillment with great attention to detail. A master at networking, she brings to the table a number of resources at any given time. I am proud to have New Leaf as a valued partner for my business. I recommend her to my clients without reservation.



My mother’s best friend passed and I had to take responsibility her possessions. I contacted New Leaf; Sarah connected all the dots! Within a short time the apartment was cleared and things were coordinated with Helen’s family living on the east coast. Helen’s financial matters had been cared for, mementos shipped to appropriate places, and all “things Helen” were in the proper new places. I was truly amazed and completely pleased at the great skill with which Sarah had accomplished this overwhelming task.


After retiring from my corporate job in Dallas, TX, I decided to move to South Texas to be close to my son and my grandchildren.

I had some health issues and was scheduled for hand surgery just prior to the anticipated move.  Another complication was that I had been purchasing more items than I had needed over the past short while, and had not kept up with home organization.  Also, as I wrapped up my tenure at my company, I put in weeks of long days at the office.

I knew I would not be able to prepare my 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo for sale in the time frame I desired without some help.  How could I quickly pack my preferred belongings for the relocation, without compromising my health or my hand?

Luckily, I found New Leaf Concierge and its owner Sarah Saunders! She was optimistic that we could organize for the move, pack up what was needed for new life and sell the rest through an online auction with

She helped me separate out items I intended to keep and move to South Texas with me, and put them in temporary storage so that the condo looked more de-cluttered and spacious.  She helped me stage items for the online auction in my garage.  She helped me identify items for donation and tax deductions.  She even helped me with make ready!  Finally, with the downsizing online auction, I was able to quickly sell all the extra items that had value but which I did not want to take with me to South Texas.  This put a few dollars in my pocket!




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