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core strengthening and cardio. Locally in Dallas there are excellent studios all over. The one I consider the best is Sunstone Yoga. Sunstone has studios throughout the metroplex, a broad selection of class types (hot, cool, core, Pilates), classes throughout the day, and excellent, encouraging instructors. Whenever I see an article promoting innovation in fitness, invariably I can find it at Sunstones - planking? Squats? Kettle bell? Yup! Sunstone has it all! Please see more at

Work – Life Balance

was published in 1996, its core teachings are still relevant today. If you structure and follow your list properly you’ll put “First Things First”, as Covey espoused. So when you design your To Do list, give it four quadrants – 1) Top left “URGENT”/IMPORTANT 2) Top left “NOT URGENT/IMPORTANT” 3) Bottom right “NOT IMPORTANT/URGENT” 4) Bottom left “NOT URGENT/NOT IMPORTANT”. Focus on those To Dos in the top right quadrant that are not Urgent but Important. From a personal perspective this would include activities such as fitness, healthy meal preparation, family activities and relationships, planning and preparation for important events, activities that strengthen and develop you further as an individual. From a business perspective, this would include activities such as Preparation, Prevention, values clarification, planning, true re-creation, and


sign up for. Invariably I am impressed with the content and scientific research presented to support his opinions and findings. His discussions about sugar, trans fats, vitamins etc. are excellent. The archive of articles is easily searchable and a trove of information.




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