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Who can you turn to when your move has turned your life upside-down?


For Your Personal Life

Do you need a personal assistant? Could we help you organize "make ready" services? Do you need someone to help the plumber identify which hot water heater need attention? Perhaps your out of town and your new property's smoke alarms are going off and driving your neighbors crazy? Let a New Leaf concierge be the “behind the scenes” helper to get it all done, so that you can relax with family and friends in the evening and on weekends.

For Your Business Life

What happened to administrative assistants? New Leaf personal assistants are there when you need them, and are gone when you don’t. And they are affordable since they do not require office space or equipment, nor do they increase your overhead or headcount. Often New Leaf assistants are called upon to help with new initiatives that a business owner wants to keep under wraps from other employees until the project proves to be viable. We also help with recruiting, preparing for out of town customer visits, office relocations and special presentations or projects.


Dallas personal assistants help you balance your busy personal and business lives

Share Our Services

  • Alternate weeks
  • Alternate days
  • Let us know where you want us, and we'll be there
  • We're also great at keeping everything on track by coordinating and scheduling time/function requirements at home and work
Our service is very flexible for couples who often share their concierge services between the office and the home. They purchase larger blocks of time at lower rates to make the most of New Leaf's flexible, experienced service.

Business or Personal, What Does It Matter?

  • Errand services - dry cleaning, groceries, gift purchases, car maintenance
  • Work projects - presentations, budgets, events
  • Guest or Customer visits - travel bookings, accommodations, entertainment reservations, etc
Our Personal Assistants are experienced to help you with business tasks, as well as personal ones. It’s all got to get done and we’ll be there to make you look good.

Perfect Alternative to Part-time Hire

  • We require no office space or equipment
  • We’ll be there only when you need us
  • We’ll work after hours or weekends
  • We get things done behind the scenes
  • We handle personal chores
New Leaf Personal Assistants offer much greater flexibility, cost savings and range of support than you can expect from a typical employee.



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