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We use Angie's List to assess whether we're doing a good job keeping valued customers like you happy. Please visit in order to grade our quality of work and customer service.

Our Values Define the Quality of Service You Can Expect!


Not all concierge services are created equal. The difference resides in the individuals themselves and the values they adhere to. We believe in the following and practice these ideals every day:


Discretion/Confidentiality/Privacy –

We will keep your business private, much as if it were your health record. We can work behind the scenes - after hours and/or virtually - so that we are just an extension of you. We’ll stay below the radar.

Compassionate/Empathetic –

We are sensitive to others and their situation – you never know another’s true life or story – often it is richer and more complicated than what it appears to be. For instance we ‘ll get to know your elderly parent – their history and accomplishments, likes and dislikes, what makes them happy, comfortable. Everyone has a story that can be inspirational!

Courteous/Polite/Respectful –

As your representative we will be courteous with all we interact with. We believe in the adage “Treat others as you would want tobe treated yourself. “

Honest/ Integrity –

If we are approaching the maximum hours on your list of tasks, we’ll call you to update you on our progress and enable you to make a decision on how you’d like to prioritize or proceed.

Health Focused –

If we grocery shop for fruit or vegetables for you, we’ll opt for organic if possible and affordable, but if conventional is the only option we’ll make sure we wash it carefully before putting it in the fridge or your fruit bowl.

Locally focused –

We’ll run your errands with your preferred local vendors so that you continue to support your community and cut down on carbon emissions.

Quality Oriented –

We are savvy about where to find the best of what Dallas has to offer at an affordable price. We can deliver a solution to you that would meet the most discerning of tastes.

Attentive to Detail –

If you task us with purchasing a yoga top for your fitness routine, we’ll make sure we clarify if you need racer back or tank top style – because it depends on how your favorite fitness bra is styled. And we’ll ask if you like the longer cut so your tummy does not show in back bend or half moon.

Globally Aware/ Texas Proud –

After having lived in many different countries and cultures our team is attuned to the value of a global perspective. Too often we can come to think that where we live and work is the best; but the world has so much to offer! However Texas is pretty cool! So if you are hosting an out of town guest, how about giving them a pair of excellent cowboy boots? Or treating them to our best BBQ? Or if your wife loves Indian food, how about for your next date night a romantic picnic with the best Indian food Dallas has to offer, all on a beautiful piece of Indian fabric?






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