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Marie Kondo – I need that stuff that doesn’t “spark joy”!

by / Monday, 08 August 2016 / Published in Organizing

Dear Marie Kondo – I’m happy for you if you can afford to purge all those things in your life that don’t “spark joy”. But as far as my life goes, I NEED many of those things that don’t spark joy – for instance, my 15+ year old pool Polaris that has been re-built more times than I can count by Leslie’s pool  guys, or my 20+ year old top oven whose upper element doesn’t heat…top oven can function as a warmer for dinner parties. Now mind you I do regularly sell online those items in my life that have value – not for me anymore – but hopefully for someone else. I agree that as our life evolves, we need to make space for those items that will help us be better versions of our past selves. As I age, I find I am less interested in “stuff” or “things” anyway, but rather a better, fun way to connect with friends and family – a dinner of great food, a good theater show, a bike ride early in the morning, or a stroll around the park. Just the simple “things”!IMG_1101

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