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New Leaf’s Typical Customers and Partners

Family and Friends – Creating a Plan, Together!

Do you need help with “the talk”? Are you concerned that your elderly loved one is at risk? Socially isolated? Overwhelmed in their current home? Are you having trouble communicating your concerns? Our trained staff knows how to broach the difficult issues that need to be resolved. Whether your loved one prefers “cutting to the chase” or visiting a while, New Leaf will help guide the conversation to an action plan that all can agree to. And we understand if this takes a few visits to accomplish. Consider it part of an extended complimentary consultation!

Elders – Right-sizing and Thriving!

Is your family living out of town? Are they busy with work and family? Are you caring for an ailing spouse? Have you had your own health issues to deal with? Are you dreading managing all the details of a move? Let us assign you a project manager for those tasks you’d rather not do or let us handle the whole process end-to-end! We’ll get you settled where you want to be in no time!

Home-care and Communities – When It’s Time for a Transition for Safety!

Do you know families who are ready to move their elderly loved one to a higher level of care, but are stymied by all “the stuff”? Are they just overwhelmed? Let New Leaf be a part of the solution to make the transition happen.

Real Estate Agents – Preparing a Property Ready for Sale – Faster!

Timing for selling a property can mean everything for an elderly person and their family. Putting a property on the market at the right time and in the right condition, can mean more money available for accommodation, healthcare, outstanding debts, and trips to visit family, to name a few. Is dealing with “the stuff” delaying the listing? New Leaf can move quickly to empty a property with an online auction. Make New Leaf part of your realty team!

Attorneys – Property in Probate

Has a passed client’s family come to you about a property? Is the property’s care just too much for them to deal with right now? Let New Leaf step in with property management or an online estate sale.





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