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Downsizing and Estate Sales – via online auctions – Smarter, Faster, More Affordable

by / Thursday, 03 November 2016 / Published in Downsizing, Life Changes, Uncategorized

ms-logo2New Leaf is very busy helping Dallas’ “sandwich generation” and their elderly parents be on the move! We have been helping families to downsize or clear out properties through online estate sales via the MaxSold – – auction portal. Using an App on our iPhone, New Leaf can digitally catalogue and photograph all items for sale, submit the digital catalog wirelessly to the Maxsold portal, and then watch as the general public bids on items. This method is far superior to traditional downsizing (think garage sale or estate sale) methods, because it is:
Safer – Buyers pay online so no monies are exchanged in person. Buyers must present ID when they show up at Pickup Time, so only known Buyers – not hordes of people – are coming to the home to collect purchased items.

More Affordable – A “seller – managed” MaxSold auction is cost-effective, in that it involves only the cost of setting up the auction lots and cataloging and photographing them – often where they sit in the home – and then the very reasonable flat fee to utilize the MaxSold auction engine. Since the auction is promoted via social media, it generates competitive bidding amongst a wider online audience, it can thereby yield a greater sum of money for the Seller.

Faster – Unlike traditional methods, an online auction does take not days of people tramping through the home – difficult for the elderly to endure, and hard on a property! The online auction method is more time efficient and less disruptive. At the end of the auction “in the cloud”, Buyers have a brief 3 hour pickup window in which to collect their purchases, big or small. The Seller does not need to arrange any packing or delivery!

Downsizing and property clearing: Done! How simple is that?

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