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The other day my teenage Son asked me if I ever got lonely on the weekends when he and his sister were with their Dad, out of town at a cabin southeast of Dallas. I felt a a bit sheepish admitting, although only to my inner self, that I looked forward to that time to

When do we officially become “old”? When we retire? turn 55? Well I’m turning 55 this year and I certainly don’t feel “old” (thanks to plenty of hot yoga!)…and neither do my peers. But like many forward thinking friends, I have started to put my aging plan in place – financials, housing, health care…all the

One of the reasons why  I have come to truly appreciate Texas, and Dallas’ enviable place in it in particular, is its ample space and land to grow. This space allows new communities surrounding Dallas to “get it right”, as they plan their evolution. What I was so thrilled to see recently was Frisco’s “multigenerational

New Leaf is very busy helping Dallas’ “sandwich generation” and their elderly parents be on the move! We have been helping families to downsize or clear out properties through online estate sales via the MaxSold – – auction portal. Using an App on our iPhone, New Leaf can digitally catalogue and photograph all items




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