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Are you an ageist?

by / Thursday, 24 March 2016 / Published in Aging

Getting olderRecently a slightly younger friend of mine turned 50. I was surprised to see all the negative messages about aging  in the cards and gifts given. What debbie downers! I was puzzled by this since, frankly, I am happier and healthier than ever in my  “over the hill” state. That’s why I was pleased to read about the recently published book “Disrupt Aging” by Jo Ann Jenkins, where she challenges our ageist culture and notes she is finding a groundswell of “over the hillers”  advocating for positive, powerful, productive perspectives on aging – ones that are easily found in elders in our own neighborhoods. These elders are leaders in our communities, fighting fit, giving back, and mentoring those around them. They are an inspiration to us all!

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