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Agree on a Transition Plan for your Elderly Parent with your siblings

by / Monday, 02 May 2016 / Published in Aging

I was so lucky. Before my father’s mind succumbed to dementia, he had the foresight to meet with his long-time family attorney, to outline his last wishes.

Agree on a Transition Plan for your Elderly Parent

Agree on a Transition Plan for your Elderly Parent

He shared those wishes with me and my siblings one holiday Sunday afternoon at the dining room table…his wishes for the family home, the cottage, his caregiver, his church, and his ultimate medical care.  The adult siblings had a chance to voice their opinions that afternoon, but in the end what my father had wished came to fruition with very little friction between us. Thanks to my father’s planning, every other summer, my siblings and I travel from various points on the globe to the rambling old cottage on the shores of Lake Huron in rural southwestern Ontario and share barbecues, twilight beach bonfires, heaping plates of steaming corn on the cob, and the latest goings on in our lives. We get along and enjoy each other’s company. And our children share the love of diving into ‘whippy’ waves, collecting beach glass, skipping stones on calm evenings and watching sunsets while devouring ‘smores. Each summer I quietly thank my father for his hard work and careful planning and my siblings for their level headedness and generosity of spirit.

My advice: encourage your elderly parent to set up their legacy sooner rather than later. Ideally with an elder law attorney. Enlist the help of your siblings.  For the sake of your parents, yourselves and your children.

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