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Our Move Concierges step in to manage your move, when you can’t step out.

New Leaf Concierge is an investment in yourself, your family and your career or business. We become part of your team to help you take care of all the details involved in moving an elderly loved one. Such a move can get quite overwhelming. Isn’t it time to turn over a new leaf and get some help?

Let us manage the whole move end-to-end or just a portion of it.

You may want us to take on a just a portion of the move – such as sorting contents into categories: take, donate or trash; or developing a floor plan for the preferred furniture to be moved; or overseeing move day.

Or maybe you want us handle the big stuff like emptying a storage locker and searching for forgotten treasures and critical documents, or clearing a property in anticipation of sale with an online auction.

We can also help your loved one Leave a Legacy by making a donation to a favorite institution or charity. Art books donated to an Arts School for the students? Historical photos and documents donated to a museum or library archive for historians?

Either way, you’ll find we’re a different type of concierge service. Our team is highly educated, thoughtful and resourceful, so you can turn to us to handle your most important tasks! We are polite and well spoken and will always represent you well.


*New Leaf Concierge services the Dallas Metroplex, primarily in north Dallas, Richardson and Plano. We’re insured, background checked, drug tested, have clean drivers records and come with excellent references—all available on request.




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