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Our Personal Assistant Services Help Get More Done, Have More Time and Balance Your Day!

New Leaf is committed to helping individuals, professionals and their families through demanding and unexpected challenges or transitions in their lives, so that they maintain a low stress work-life balance and have more enjoyable, memorable time together. Just offload to our personal assistants all those tasks that seem daunting, frivolous, endless, boring, overwhelming, too time consuming or too complex.
Scroll down and you'll see many of the endless ways we can help behind the scenes, while you attend to more priority items. In short, we’ll help make your days satisfying and give you a sense of accomplishment. Personal assistants are ready to serve you in Dallas and Plano, and throughout the general area.




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Is your family relocating to the Dallas metroplex and do you need a local resource to coordinate Dallas details?

Let New Leaf concierges manage the endless list of activities that need to be addressed for your new property, neighborhood and schools.

Online Estate Sales

Let New Leaf organize and run your online downsizing or estate sale via the MaxSold method - much safer, faster and affordable!

Are you an executive or small business owner needing extra support with personal and business responsibilities?

Our Personal Assistants are highly educated, resourceful and responsible, ready to help with business and personal tasks so you have more time to reinstate the sit down family dinner and be prepared for that big presentation or weekend tour of Dallas for an important visiting customer.

We Respond to Most Any Call for Help!

  • Let us know how we can help.
  • We can meet to discuss your unique project.
  • We’ll follow up with a quotation.
  • We'll assign the right team for you.
You may just be a person with too much going on, in need of someone to lessen the load. We continue to expand our personal assistant services to meet your needs.

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You'll Get the Right Personal Attention

  • Our team is insured, bonded, background checked and drug tested.
  • We come with excellent references.
  • We're resourceful, responsible and thoughtful.
We’ll assemble a team of personal assistant experts to handle nearly any challenge. You'll be impressed with the credentials of our team who are caring, well-educated professionals

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There Is Really Only One Thing We Don't Do

  • We are not a medical home care service.
  • We are not RNs, LVNs, CNA’s, Med Techs.
  • We are not associated with any private or public health insurance programs.
Personal medical care assistance is the only service we do not offer. But, we certainly can help you with the job of researching and vetting such a service.

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Examples of Other Typical Services


We can help you accomplish any job around the house!

  • Property Management
    Light housekeeping - kitchen, bedroom, bathroom; arrange deep cleaning; arrange for and oversee maintenance; wait services - utilities, appliance, contractors, deliveries, appraisers, inspection
  • Organizing
    Home or office, closets, kids rooms, play rooms, garages, kitchens; morning preparation for school & work; school lunch preparation, family weekday dinner; homework routine
  • Safety
    Well check and report back by phone, email and/or Skype; refrigerator audit - throw out past due date items; rug stays; grab bars to prevent falls; locks to prevent wandering; respite care


Whether it's a holiday or any other special occasion, we can give you more time to enjoy it!

  • Seasonal
    Decorating - home/office; gift shopping - family, friends, employees, customers; gift wrapping; arrange small parties -seasonal, b-day, shower, family celebration; holiday cards; holiday photos
  • Travel / Out of town Guests
    Pickup/ drop off airport; hotel and rental car arrrangements; entertainment - dinner, movie, plays, music, museum, tourist sites; fitness - golf, tennis; shopping; house sitting
  • Small Event Planning and Execution
    Guest List, invitations, RSVPs,thank yous; food and beverage, decorations, gifts and wrapping; tear down and tidy up


When it's time for big changes, we can make it less stressful!

  • Downsizing
    Decluttering, planning retention furniture, moving items to storage unit
  • Alternative Living Options
    Relocation research & planning for cooperative / group residence, retirement living; assisted living; memory care
  • Prepare for Sale
    Arrange inspection, appraisal, andrepair for most pressing items; storage of unneeded but keepsake items; make ready, recycle electronics; safe disposal chemicals
  • Moving
    Mover bids and selection; storage options and selection; packing and unpacking assistance; oversee truck loading and unloading; new address notifications; donations to charities; shipments to heirs, family, friends; garage sale, estate sale, online sale
  • Funeral
    Arrange flowers; choose burial outfit; arrange burial/cremation; organize photos of loved one; sign in book/memories; arrange casket; organize funeral service - music, scripture readings; write obituary; write thank you cards


Personal Assistant services for business or personal needs!

  • Administrative
    Solict, screen, interview employees; correspondence -electronic, written; pay bills; collect & organize mail; schedule appointments; notarizing documents; filing; write documents;donations to charities
  • Legal w/ Attorney of Choice
    Will & designation of executorship, Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, guardianship, estate planning, gifts to heirs and family
  • Technology
    Medical alert system set-up in home; speed dial on phones; Skype on computer; conference calll set-up; wander alert system set-up; web applications; Bluetooth applications