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Organizing your Personal and Business Spaces

What do you need organized in your Personal or Home Office Environment?


New Leaf has been organizing personal and business spaces for clients for years. Master closets, home offices and kitchen pantries are the spaces most cited as sources of frustration by their owners. They struggle with…quickly dressing for work in the early, dark hours; with being productive and “in the zone” at their home office desks; and with preparing a healthy, tasty “sit-down” family dinner after a long day. And with recent unpredictable Texas weather, New Leaf has helped families organize their garages so that their vehicles can be parked inside, protected from the elements. For families with young children we help create spaces for homework and creative projects, while reserving the kitchen table for mealtimes. To accomplish this we often partner with trusted handymen, designers, and shelving solution suppliers to create spaces that work for your life and family. And if you have way too much stuff, we can help with de-cluttering, online garage and estate sales and donations to your favorite charities for tax deductions.

We love creating order from chaos for busy families, small business owners and people on the move. We offer:
  • Residential organization services for closets, home offices, kids spaces, garages, entire homes
  • Office organization services, such a filing systems, storage space
  • Relocation services such as home staging, packing and unpacking, move management, transferring utilities, online garage and estate sales, charity donations
Give us a call, no job too big or too small!